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GT Tennis and Fitness works in partnership with Tecnifibre and is able to offer sponsorship towards talented players and inspiring enthusiastic coaches. This is a partnership which has been going strong since 2010 and continues to grow.


GT Tennis and Fitness offers sponsorship to players and coaches which can include bespoke packages which is individual to each person. This can range from a discount on sessions, racket restringing, hitting practices, practice matches, mentoring and guidance through coaching qualifications, tournament planning or lifestyle coaching.


Through GT Tennis and Fitness there is also the chance to be sponsored directly with Tecnifibre as a player or a coach. We are looking for dynamic, exciting and hardworking players as well as charasmatic, enthusiastic and passionate coaches. If you feel that you can meet this criteria then please do not hesitate to drop us an email at our 'contact us' page. 

GT T&F Sponsored Athletes & Players 


James 'J' Parker


J has been training perssonally with Grant and the #GTArmy going on 7 years. J has the work ethic and character of a champion with the 'Soul & Grind' attitude that is addictive to be around.


He has had the opportunity to come to France and Texas on multiple ocassions to train with the #GTArmy which has been a great spring board for the development as a player and as a person. With his sponsorship included is also a sponsorship with Tecnifibre which allows him to play with his favourite equipment and just focus on his training.


He is now a highly ranked national player for Under 18's and also Men's Tennis in the UK. Eyes and heart are set on college tennis in the States, the sky's are no limit for this one.


Deborah Abraham


Deborah is one of our latest sponsored recruits and we our very pleased to have her on board and help her out! Deborah trains rain or shine, a little fire cracker, incredibly conscientious and has a very mature game that is bound to take her far, already reaching the European Tour Level for 10 & Under's.  


Lara uses Tecnirbe rackets and strings, bags and loves the gear - all of which help her feel confident and well equipped!


A bright future is ahead for this little one.

Scarlet Davies


We have countless hard workers here at GT Tennis and Fitness and Scarlet is one of them. She may look cute and innocent but she's one of the feistiest kids we know, putting her heart and soul into everything she does. This hard work saw her finish in the top 4 of the County Championships for 9 & Under's.  


Scarlet is part of our family, and her game is developing incredibly and through the #GTArmy and Tecnifibre we are supporting her all the way.



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